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Our partners at the service of your real estate project

To make your real estate project a success, Chasse Privée calls on partners able to provide complementary quality activities for the overall success of your project. A rigorous selection in the quality of the services offered and performed, a human and professional relationship.

Partenaires Appart

Our apartment hunter partners

Partenaires immobiliers de confiance

Chasse Privée operates as an apartment hunter in Paris and the inner suburbs.

We operate in all the districts of Paris, as well as in Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne or Seine-Saint-Denis.

Member of the French Federation of Property Hunters, we work in cooperation with the network of members of the federation. As such, to meet the expectations of our clients who wish to sell their house in the provinces and buy an apartment in the Paris region, or vice versa, we have selected by geographical sector property hunters who provide better coverage for our field of action.

To seize the right opportunities in the search for your apartment, we are in contact with various networks of real estate professionals in addition to that of property hunters, such as notarial offices, certain real estate agencies, professional networks. or specialized.

We also put en complementarities in terms of geographical sectors, according to the expectations of our customers.

For example:  

On the other hand, we have selected other partners whose activity is complementary and essential to the success of your real estate project as a whole. 

We have found the apartment of your dreams, for its geographical location, the neighborhood life, but also for its characteristics and its potential. Chasse Privée can help you optimize the layout of your new apartment. Also, we have selected partners for the work, architects, interior designers, project managers, with whom we achieve feats for our customers. 

  • Architect designer 

  • Interior designer

  • Project manager 

Once the property has been found, it is necessary to deepen its analysis to give you a clear and qualified vision, before signing your sales agreement. Hence the importance of good partners to carry out the essential diagnostics in the qualification of your apartment or house.

  • Hello Diagnostic 

  • CQFDiag: in Marseille and Bouches du Rhône

Likewise, to fully succeed in your project, it is strongly recommended that you find the right financing. A good mortgage rate, good conditions to bring the necessary flexibility to your financial commitment over time. This is why we work with partners in the financing of your acquisition project, as well as guarantees and insurance:  

  • CafPI 

  • Artemis

  • Luko 

  • mma

If your project concerns an apartment rental, we will study your profile with you, in order to maximize your chances of acceptance of your application with lessors and owners. Thus, if necessary, we will propose to you to reinforce your capacity in terms of guarantee with different specialized companies according to your profile:GarantMe, Cautioneo, Unkle, Accommodation deposit...

We also offer to accompany you in your move, with professionals adapted to your situation. This is why we work with   specialized and recognized companies in the removal, and if necessary the custody of your furniture.

Our office hunter partners

Partenaires immobiliers de bureaux

To make a success of your business real estate project, Chasse Privée calls on qualified partners able to provide complementary quality activities for the overall success of your project. We can thus follow your project in its entirety, from the study to your installation. The primary objective is to manage all the steps as well as possible to bring serenity to its realization.

In fact, our main partners for business real estate projects cover the following areas of activity:

  • Advertisers: Local Offices, Eevee...

  • Architects

  • Architect designer 

  • Project manager 

  • Network cabling 

  • Risks and fire: Dekra 

  • Cleaning 

  • Insurance: AXA

  • Financing 

  • Movers 

  • Furniture guard

Partenaire maison

Our house hunting partners in Morbihan

Partenariat immobilier

To make a success of your project of acquiring a house or villa, Chasse Privée calls on local partners and in certain cases national ones, according to the importance of the stakes in your project.


Professional partners in real estate to be informed as a priority of opportunities, financial partners to guarantee you the best rate and the best financial conditions with regard to your buyer or investor profile.

Are you looking for a house or villa in Morbihan? 

Chasse Privée has been established since its origin near the Gulf of Morbihan.

Partners by relationship 

Chasse Privée is in contact with several entrepreneurs, of various and varied activities, according to the exchanges:  

Would you like to become a partner of Chasse Privée?

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Jean-Pierre de LARY
+ 33 6 76475347
Head of the Private Department
Jean-Pierre de Lary
Stéphane CORDA
Stephane CORDA
+ 33 6 40096889
Head of the Business Department
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