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Office relocation:a global project

Vous avez la responsabilité de trouver de nouveaux bureaux ou locaux commerciaux pour une nouvelle installation ou pour un transfert en raison de l'évolution de vos besoins (nombre de postes de travail, surface, coût, situation géographique, zone de chalandise, image...).

Vous souhaitez être accompagné dans la gestion de ce projet spécifique pour plus d'efficacité.


Notre approche est globale.

Aussi, nous sommes à même de vous proposer  un accompagnement personnalisé et ciblé selon vos attentes et vos ressources.

Notre expertise pour un déménagement de bureaux

You are responsible for finding new offices or commercial premises for a new installation or for a transfer due to the evolution of your needs (number of workstations, surface area, cost, geographical location, catchment area, image, etc. .).

You wish to be accompanied in the management of this specific project for more efficiency.


Our approach is global.

Also, we are able to offer you  personalized and targeted support according to your expectations and your resources.

Our expertise :

  • Formalization of the specifications

  • Feasibility study

  • Targeted search for offices in line with the validated specifications

  • Selection, preliminary visits with reasoned report

  • Negotiation support

  • Assistance to the Project Owner on the management and the realization of your mission

    • Calls for tenders or targeted consultations

    • Monitoring of works

    • Moving assistance

    • Installation assistance

Monitoring of related services with our partners:

  • Finance research

  • Re-arrangement adapted to your way of working

  • Renovation and decoration work

  • Move

  • ...

Our favorite area:

  • Paris

  • Top of the Seine

  • Seine-Saint-Denis

  • Val de Marne

Our fees: 

  • on estimate according to the scope of the expected service

Which mover to choose?

As you have understood, Chasse Privée will not limit itself to the proposal of a moving company.

Moving a company is a project that is managed upstream and downstream, to avoid many inconveniences.

But to answer your question, we systematically carry out a targeted consultation, which takes into account:

  • the specificities of the furniture concerned: computer equipment, bulky objects, heavy objects such as chests or fragile...

  • the possibility of furniture storage, in particular in the event of delays in work, for example

  • the skills of the service provider and any certifications

  • the expected services: dismantling, protection of furniture, labelling, unpacking, installation

  • disposal of equipment not taken back

  • damage guarantees in addition to civil liability

We include one of our partners in the list of companies consulted, to offer you an appropriate choice according to your own expectations, our advice and the opinion of the sector, such as thetrade union chamber of removalsand other professional actors. 

An office move in sight? 


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