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Property Hunter with business leaders

Do you want new offices or commercial space ?

Hire a trusted, independent professional.

Your real estate partner 

for a successful project

Le métier de chasseur de bureaux

Our job as a corporate property hunter 

The profession  of corporate real estate hunter, or office hunter is poorly known and in full development.

If Corporate Real Estate Agents and Office Hunters arecomplementary, their positioning is the opposite:

  • the Commercial Real Estate Agent isat the service of the seller or the lessor. Its mission is to sell its product at the highest price and as quickly as possible, in the interest of the owner or its lessor, generally an institution. He works within a network of which he seeks to sell the products in stock.

  • The Office Hunter isat the service of the buyer or the tenant. Its mission is to find the office or commercial space that meets its expectations, according to its real needs, its priorities and constraints: budget, surface area, layout, geographical location, brand image, deadline... It also offers services that go to accompany it in the steps of acquisition, moving, installation, realization of   development work for some.

       De plus, il exerce son métier généralement de façon autonome et en toute indépendance .

The profession is perfectly framed and recognized.​

At Chasse Privée: What are  our specificities ? What are our strengths ?  

Prenez conseil pour votre projet.

Un chargé de mission vous recontacte

Les plus de Chasse Privee

Our specificities, our strengths with entrepreneurs

Un pôle dédié à l'immobilier d'entreprise

Familiar with business project management and service,

We are committed to offering an ultra-personalized service to best meet the expectations of managers.

Our approach is comprehensive and aims to support you on all matters related to your project to install or transfer offices, or commercial premises.

We accompany you until the act of purchase or commercial lease and beyond, according to your wishes.

Our expertise in the analysis of a property such as offices or commercial premises and its potential allows us to offer you a selection of products in line with your previously specified expectations.

Our main services dedicated to business leaders:

- the study of your needs and the search for offices or commercial premises adapted to your specifications

- steering or co-steering your real estate project

- the study and rearrangement of your offices with our architectural partners

- enhancement of your image with our interior design partners

- moving from preparation to execution,

- installation in your offices or premises,

- support throughout your project

We invoice the service at a flat rate, on the scope that interests you, which clarifies our relationship in research, with very competitive fees.

contact us after a brief description of your mission!

Listening to you to move forward together

Which offices for tomorrow?

Des bureaux adaptés à votre activité

You plan to set up your business in new offices or premises.


It is essential to clearly define the type of office adapted to your new activity or quite simply to the evolution of your activity, of professional uses.

Setting up or moving a business requires planning for a minimum of three years, the minimum duration of a commercial lease, but also the usual practice of a budget plan.

The necessary surface area will have to take into account the evolution of the number of workstations envisaged in the medium term, the desired or undesired evolution of the way of working, the improvement of the fluidity of the processes of your activity, the layout adapted to the needs of your employees, the image conveyed to your customers...

Chasse Privée can support you in this reflection.

This reflection upstream of the effective search for your offices will then allow you to define the type of office or premises best suited to your needs. This makes it possible to limit the adaptation work and the budgetary cost of your new establishment, and to promote your operational, real estate, human resources, financial and marketing strategies.

contact us for personalized support in your real estate project.

Stephane Corda, Rersponsable pole entreprise de Chasse Privee
Stephane CORDA
+ 33 6 40096889
Head of the Business Department
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