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Real estate hunter - opinion

“You have contacted us over the past few weeks.

For each of your requests, in a climate of mutual trust, we have set up a tailor-made service to make your project a reality.

Your opinions are a marvelous encouragement to satisfy you always more and always better.

Jean-Pierre de LARY

Private Hunting Associate

Head of the Private Division

What do you think?
Qu'en penses-tu?
Avis Particuliers - Chasse Privee

Your project

Your opinion

Buy a 3 / 4 Rooms

in Paris

Young couple with two children,

with the wish to take the plunge for their 1st purchase.   

Our budget was tight, because of our desire to stay in Paris, close to our respective offices.

We were impatient and hoped to sign in time to start the process for the start of the school year.

John and Mary




A successful bet, thanks to Chasse Privée,

we were able to move into a beautiful building in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

We appreciated your listening, your understanding of our expectations and your ability to quickly find what we had dreamed of.

And more: 

With confidence, you helped us obtain our loan at a very competitive rate.


Thank you also for  the work of re-arranging the entire apartment, with a very nice decoration.


John and Mary

Do you have a real estate project?


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