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Private Hunting: our story

Chasse Privée is the meeting of two long-time friends, who after having rolled around, decide to pool their skills to promote a new human and qualitative approach in real estate projects.

Who are we ?

Stéphane Corda

Tired of the lack of listening from many real estate agents, the persistence in presenting properties that do not correspond to the specifications, I wanted to create a more professional structure with a service oriented towards buyers.

Reverse the process based on the needs expressed and bring added value in terms of advice and strength of proposal : this is what Chasse Privée is all about. 

Stéphane Corda, founder of Chasse Privée

Une chasse immobilière de qualité

After a benchmark of the activity and an in-depth survey of buyers and existing processes, we have defined our own method, to support each client in the success of their project.

Our key word: trust. 

We favor quality projects in a relationship of mutual trust for our well-being and pleasure of the job.


I decided to embark on the Private Hunting adventure, 

because it is an activity in line with my skills, 

et  which responds to a strong notion of service to which I am very attached.

   Jean-Pierre de Lary, head of the Private Department

Jean-Pierre de Lary

Our ambition: to deliver a personalized quality service, based first on listening to your expectations and concerns, to transform the success of your life project for some, comfort, well-being, efficiency with complete peace of mind. , friendliness for others.


A l'écoute de vos besoins et envies.

Notre colonne vertébrale c'est la confiance, créée à partir de notre réseau professionnel et amical.

un réseau qui ne cesse de s'agrandir et qui se bonifie avec le temps , comme un bon cru de Bourgogne.

Nos valeurs

Listening to your needs and desires.

Our backbone is trust, created from our professional and friendly network.

Our values are listening, honesty, perseverance, trust, friendship.

Listening, because without it we are beside the point.

Honesty, as a pledge of serenity in our relationships.

Perseverance, essential to find the property that matches the expectations of our customers.

Trust, because it is our nature.

Friendship, because it is a source of beautiful human encounters.

Stéphane Corda

Nature lovers in the sense of Laudato Si,

I wanted to set up with Jean-Pierre, a structure that favors human relations with our partners and our customers.

It is therefore with the cooperation of our friendly and professional network,

that Chasse Privée was born and now offers quality services throughout the process of your real estate project"

     Stéphane Corda, Manager of the Business Department 

Chasse Privée makes it a point of honor to fully understand the expectations of its customers,

and the provision of all of its services and skills, including partners, for the success of your project.

In all intelligence.


In our turbulent times,

I remain convinced that, in the professional environment as in the private environment,

we cannot build without trust."

   Jean-Pierre de Lary, head of the Private Department


Our experience and know-how

Our respective experiences in the management of business projects and services, coupled with a good network of professionals, have made Chasse Privée a recognized and appreciated player in real estate hunting.

Member of the French Federation of Real Estate Hunters, we make sure to contribute between actors of the sector, to a continuous improvement of our processes to satisfy our customers.


Passionate about architecture and sensitive to layout design, I have the gift of imagining the potential of a space. Fine observer, I perceive and analyze the defects and qualities of a property.

Expert in complex project management and negotiation for more than fifteen years, I am committed to the success of the real estate projects that our clients entrust to us."

                       Stéphane Corda, head of the Business Department

Notre savoir-faire 

Our know-how makes it possible to respond to almost all of our customers; requests, with great achievements both in business and with individuals.


Graduated with a master degree in law from the University of Bordeaux and an MBA from the IAE in Paris, I worked for many years as a salaried worker in Employers and Federations.

It was with enthusiasm that I embarked on the adventure of Chasse Privée,

which requires a good knowledge of real estate law,

but also human qualities, listening, spirit of service and empathy."


 Jean-Pierre de Lary, head of the Private department


Tell us about your projects


At your service to meet your expectations,

Stephane CORDA
+ 33 6 40096889
Head of the Business Department
Jean-Pierre de LARY
+ 33 6 76475347
Head of the Private Department
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