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Nos recherches d'appart

Our apartment and house searches: in progress  

You will find here our latest research services, especially those in progress.

Mainly our searches for the purchase of apartments or houses, but also for rentals.

This is the core business of the Pôle Particulier de Chasse Privée: from the study of your needs with regard to the targeted real estate market,  to the development of our roadmap, the selection and pre-visit of the property in accordance with the negotiation until the signing of your authentic deed or your lease.

We then accompany, on request of our customers, until their installation: financing, works, moving, furnishing...


Paris  1, 8, 16 or 17th

         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 6 or 7th 

Nos ventes

Selling an apartment: current opportunities

Chasse Privée is approved for all real estate transactions.

We carry out real estate sales on request, generally to finance the acquisition of another property which we are researching.



92100  Boulogne

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