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Your real estate project as an individual

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How to find your dream property with private hunting ?

For this it is essential to know all the steps that will allow you to finalize your project in the best conditions !

A. Evaluate your budget to find the ideal property :

Before starting your search for a property, it is important to have a clear vision of your budget in order to orientate your search in the best possible way. Here are some tips to help you determine your budget:


Make a list of all your income (salaries, rental income, allowances, pensions, etc.) and expenses (taxes, insurance, loans, fixed and variable expenses). Ideally, your monthly mortgage payment should not exceed 33% of your income.

As well as the costs involved in buying the property. In addition to bank charges and notary fees, remember to include any additional costs (moving, work, etc.)

Calculate your personal contribution, as this is not available for the study of the file by the banking centres. At the very least, it should correspond to 10% of the final purchase price.


Our experts will be happy to find an exceptional flat or house to best suit your real estate project. With an expertise for years on all the districts of Paris, as well as in Haut de Seine 92, Seine Saint Denis 93, Val de Marne 94 or Morbihan 56.
For the purchase of a new or old flat as a primary or secondary residence. 


B. Signature of the sales agreement : 

With the help of Chasse Privée, your search has been successful, you have found your flat or house. Now, in order not to lose it, you must sign a sales agreement. This commits you and the seller to each other and generally provides for the payment of a deposit (maximum 10% of the sale price). Be careful to include a loan suspensive clause which sets the deadline for obtaining a mortgage (generally 60 days) and allows the sale to be cancelled if the financing is refused. The law provides for a 10-day cooling-off period.

C. Search for financing  :

You now have 60 days to find the best financing package. Competition is essential to obtain the best financing conditions. As a mortgage professional, you can use a broker, who is often in the best position to compare and negotiate offers from different banks. He or she compares all the conditions mentioned in the contracts (rate, term, guarantee, insurance). Once you have gathered all the documents needed to study your project (pay slips, tax returns, proof of address, bank statements, sales agreement), our brokers will put together your file!

Here again, Chasse Privée is at your side to put you in touch with one of our brokers, depending on your buyer profile. 

D. Agreement in principle :

Without official content, this document simply confirms the buyer's willingness to continue the procedure on the basis of the elements communicated in the application or during an online simulation:

- the capital borrowed
- the proposed annual percentage rate of charge (APR)
- the duration and terms of repayment
- the guarantees required

E. Acceptance of the offer :

You will have a cooling-off period of at least 10 days before you can send it back signed. Remember to inform your notary of the acceptance of the offer in order to arrange for the signing of the deed of sale and the release of the funds.

F. Finalizing the purchase :

Go to the notary's office to sign the deed of sale, at which point you officially become the owner of your property.  Two days before the appointment, your bank will confirm that the funds are available. The notary will draw up and send you your title deed. Repayment of your first instalment usually begins within a month of signing the deed of sale.

Do not hesitate to contact Chasse Privée for the financing of your project and the possible renovation of your new property. We can also find your tenant and propose the appropriate furnishings for the rental of your property, in the context of a rental investment.


We offer support throughout your project to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

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